Conditions of Hire

1 Confirmation of the details of an event should be made to The Cloisters Office 2 weeks before the function date in order that the appropriate number of staff are made available. When an event is cancelled within four weeks of the original function date, booking fees paid will not normally be refunded

2 In the event of a fire in the building, an alarm is sounded. Please ensure all attendees are aware of the escape routes and assembly points. If the alarm sounds everyone should leave the building in an orderly fashion and not attempt to collect personal possessions. Two attendees should act as Fire Wardens for the duration of the function.
N.B. The Applicant is deemed to be the Fire Officer for the event

3 Applicants are reminded that smoking is totally banned within The Cloisters buildings. Please ensure that all attendees are aware of the restriction and that those individuals who do wish to smoke do so outsife of the buildings. Under no circumstances should the doors leading to the Barbeque Decking be opened for smokers. These doors are for emergency use only

4 Conditions imposed by the Licensing Authority and Environmental Health are:
a) All Dining Room windows are to be closed and curtains drawn at 10:30pm when a function is in progress. If required, the extractor fans located above the lighting chandeliers in the Dining Room, can be used.
b)The premesis are to be vacated by 24:00 (midnight) or the time specified if an extension is granted. Guests must leave in an orderly fashion avoiding unnecessary noise and respecting the rights of nearby residents.
c)Musicians wishing to practice before an event must do so in a manner so as not to disturb nearby residents as in 4 b) above. Emergency doors must remain closed.

5 A tariff detailing the hire charges for various events is available from The Cloisters Office. If the application is for a Wedding Reception, the Booking Fees must accompany the Booking Form together with a post dated cheque for £25.00 (Returnable) to provide against breakages or damages.

6 The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring that all the above conditions are complied with.